Urgent Care Centers

Stand Out in the Competitive Urgent Care Market

Join the CareportMD network to open new opportunities for your urgent care center

Enable telemedicine as a revenue stream

Coordinate health care records with primary care providers and hospitals in the community

Stand out for your service area in a crowded urgent care network

Increase exposure and decrease your marketing budget

Join a Network of Urgent Care Centers Statewide

The CareportMD network includes over 20 urgent care centers, primary care providers, and hospitals in Delaware. Joining this network will increase your exposure and service to patients in need of urgent care.

How the CareportMD App Changes Healthcare

With the CareportMD app, care providers can deliver faster, more affordable, and more efficient care.

The metrics and information the app provides in the palm of the hand enables care providers to see a complete view of patient information. This comprehensive view means better-coordinated care.

  • Geoproximate telemedical urgent care
    Patients can start a virtual meeting with a nearby doctor in case they need to visit an office. Geoproximate care makes the handoff from doctor to the next step of care smoother.
  • Portable continuity of care document
    The app records a current authoritative record of all care from all providers. This record resides with the patient, not with the doctor, so it is more accessible.
  • Quality and outcomes metrics engine
    Improve quality of care with real-time in-app metrics and by setting reminders for follow-up appointments and more.
  • Patient compliance and education tools
    Deliver treatment reminders and educational resources to help patients comply with their treatment plan.

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