CarePorts | Life Saving Innovation by CarePortMD

State-of-the-art, Medical Equipment to treat you 24x7

All evaluations and diagnostics are performed in real-time, almost as if your doctor is sitting there right next to you. You may feel as though the provider is right next to you.

CarePorts feature high definition face-to-face video with clinicians and specialists who have the ability to examine you and run tests virtually. Live interpreters and behavioral health coaches are available.

Careports are available 18 hours per day in most of the locations. You can get an appointment instantly through our website or through our App. Our Health Secretary will take care of the rest and quickly confirm your appointment.

CarePort for the community

Why do we need CarePorts in our community?

Round the clock service

CarePorts are available 18 hours per day to serve the community

Immediate Access

CarePortMD Urgent Care Clinics are coming to your neighborhood soon

Qualified Providers

Meet Qualified providers across the country through our CarePorts

Care Coordination

Our highly skilled Health Secretaries will help you coordinate your care

Tired of Crowded Waiting Rooms?

CarePorts by CarePortMD is the solution for the ER waiting problems

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