Deliver Better Healthcare Value With CarePortMD

CarePortMD returns metrics that help practices and specialists optimize overall performance in a value-based, coordinated care environment.

This helps in our collective pursuit of the "Triple Aim":

Improving the health of the population
Improving the patient experience
reducing the costs of healthcare

Value for Your Practice

  • Better metrics to evaluate healthcare quality based upon outcomes
  • Enable delivery of personalized medicine through mobile application
  • Manage reimbursement by keeping patients out of emergency rooms

Value for Your Patients

  • Improved access to better-coordinated care
  • Encourages care plan adherence by rewarding compliant behavior
  • More affordable healthcare

How the CarePortMD App Changes Healthcare

With the CarePortMD app, practitioners and specialists can deliver faster, more affordable, and more efficient care.
The metrics and information the app provides in the palm of the hand enables care providers to see a more complete view of patient information. This comprehensive view means better coordinated care.

Geoproximate telemedical urgent care

Patients can start a virtual meeting with a nearby doctor in case they need to visit an office. Geoproximate care makes the handoff from doctor to the next step of care smoother.

Portable continuity of care document

The app records a current authoritative record of all care from all providers. This record resides with the patient, not with the doctor, so it is more accessible.

Quality and outcomes metrics engine

Improve quality of care with real-time in-app metrics and by setting reminders for follow-up appointments and more.

Patient compliance and education tools

Deliver treatment reminders and educational resources to help patients comply with their treatment plan.

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