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CareForceOne network by CarePortMD

CarePortMD is pleased to announce a partnership with the Medical Society of Delaware to invite Delaware clinicians to join the one-of-its-kind CareForceOne network, a coordinated telemedicine ecosystem designed to leverage telemedicine to more efficiently deliver patient-centric care in these changing times.

Basic Telemedicine is video chat.

The CareForceOne enhanced telemedicine network supports your existing video telemedicine system with essential aspects of health delivery that are not available on your typical telemedicine platform.

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Why should join CareForceOne ?

  • Ditch the answering service!  CarePortMD offers 24/7 centralized scheduling services for your telemedicine encounters, working directly with your front office, or as your front office!
  • FREE mobile app for your practice! Your patients can download the multifunctional CareForceONE mobile application for iOS and Android devices. From here, they can request appointment and CarePortMD will facilitate scheduling. Patients can also engage with interactive syndromic surveillance and, survey and RPM data contribution and more!
  • One-Click convenience for doctors and patients. CarePortMD provides appointment texts, calendar invites with single click convenient video encounters for both doctors and patient. Live medical moderators available to administer each encounter.
  • Growing network of retail-based health clinics across the region where medical technicians can enhance clinicians’ ability to evaluate patients with point-of-care tests, vital signs, physical exam, EKG, full send-out lab service and on-site pharmacy services
  • Home Drug Delivery Service Available in Select Areas!


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