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Our locations offer convenient extended hours of operation, 7 days / week, 30 minutes or FREE* guaranteed!**

Real-time Clinical Analysis

CarePortMD providers can evaluate you virtually with results similar to that available at a traditional office encounter!

Medical Advice Whenever

Get reliable medical advice remotely and virtually from a real clinicians through our mobile app or by accessing

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How CarePortMD Works?

Find your nearest CarePortMD location when you need it—anytime works for us.

Meet with a LIVE HEALTH ASSISTANT who can connect you virtually to live clinicians and specialists

Receive a thorough medical assessment, the same quality patient care you’d get at a doctor’s office.

Receive your treatment plan while at the CarePortMD Clinic, including prescriptions, reports, and advice.

Receive the same diagnostic care you’d get at your doctor’s office

From your blood pressure to blood test to electrocardiograms—CarePortMD Clinics cover everything you need!

    Touch-and-go healthcare appointments give you the same patient care you’d get at a doctor’s office. Our locations have the same equipment and are able to assess:

  • Blood pressure      > Urinalysis
  • Blood tests results     > Oxygenation
  • Dermatological scans    > Electrocardiogram
  • Body temp    > Height and weight

Take control of your healthcare with the CarePortMD app

Easy access to your information means better diagnosis & treatment plan

Safe Storage

Store medical information for you & your family in one place

Access Anytime

Talk to a clinician from home or your vacation hideaway


Have personal healthcare assistants coordinate appointments

Emergency Protected

Send your important medical information right to your doctor

Remote Treatment

Request advice from remote medical consultants

Peace of Mind

Feel peace of mind knowing your medical information is protected

Your personal Health Secretary

Ask a Health Secretary to schedule convenient visits with up-to-date care providers

Put the clerical side of doctor's visits on a9 personal Health Secretary. Health Secretaries are registered healthcare professionals that make your life easier by:

  • * Coordinating appointments
  • * Recommending care providers
  • * Making sure your doctor has your latest medical details

Access CarePortMD from home for urgent appointments

Pick a CarePortMD location and a doctor. Quality medical treatment is a short drive away.

Location of nearby CarePortMD services, compliance monitoring, scheduling services, health journaling, clinical communication and health education

Our clinicians can prescribe medicine, schedule follow-up appointments, & help you relay information to your primary provider.

Geo-located Urgent Care Centers and Pharmacies across the country, Compliance Monitoring, Patient Satisfaction Surveys....

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